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At Labossiere Divine Interiors, our goal is to supply a wide variety of selections, colours and brands of blinds and drapery. In saying this, one brand stands out among all the rest and that is Graber Window Treatments.
When you choose Graber window treatments to complete the décor of your home, you should expect a superior experience, beginning at the moment of installation and lasting throughout the life of our products.


The company got its start in 1939 when John N. Graber installed a set of Venetian blinds in his home in Middleton, Wisconsin. Standing back to assess his handiwork, Graber realized that his drapes looked unbalanced hanging over the new blinds. To improve upon the existing design, he invented a special metal bracket that he christened the Badger Crane, after the animal that symbolizes his home state.

Through his innovation and artistry, Graber had elevated the standards for consumers, and also for the industry. His ingenious invention, realized with quality materials and craftsmanship, would eventually be marketed throughout the Midwest, then all over the world.

GREEN BY NATURE, Graber’s Newest Product:

Graber products are also an important component of green living.

Conserving Energy. Our window coverings regulate the sun’s rays to control temperature and create healthier, more energy-efficient homes for our consumers. Cellular shades in particular provide an extra layer of insulation, keeping heat and cold from penetrating windows, conserving energy year-round.

Protecting Resources. Natural shades are crafted from renewable materials like bamboo, jute, and grasses.

Preserving Clean Air. Our blinds and shades use GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified materials, with low chemical and particle emissions.

Graber uses sustainable practices to manufacture our products responsibly, so that we can all enjoy a “greener” future. Conscious of the company’s environmental impact, we:

  • Recycle all metals, plastics, fabrics, paper, and waste wood in our plants, diverting these materials from landfills.
  • Conserve water by using a closed-loop water cooling system for plastics manufacturing.
  • Design minimal product packaging that uses at least 44% of post-consumer recycled material.
  • Source and process renewable hardwoods for Graber Blinds domestically, minimizing transportation and thus, saving energy.

Labossiere Divine Interiors is a proud user of Graber Window Treatments. To get additional information on Graber, please contact us today for a consultation.

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